Transaction Price of Rutile TiO2 has Dropped to RMB1 0,000/t In Sept. 2015

Date: 2015-10-21

“In Sept. 2015, apart from paying attention to the imports and exports of TiO2 in China, CCM also followed closely the market price of TiO2 in China in the traditional peak season and the performance of Henan Billions, a leading TiO2 company in China, in H1 2015.

To be more specific, according to CCM’s statistics, in July 2015, imports and exports of TiO2 in China both recorded MoM increase. As the domestic market slid quickly after entering July, Chinese TiO2 manufacturers turned to the foreign in succession. They expanded their foreign business by conducting sales promotion. As a result, export volume of TiO2 in July increased slightly. Meanwhile, the increase of import volume was mainly due to the lowest import price since 2011.

Regarding the strange situation that market price of TiO2 dropped instead of increased in the traditional peak season in Sept. and Oct., CCM thinks that weak demand from downstream market is the main reason. Currently, the transaction price of rutile TiO2 has dropped to RMB1 0,000/t, lower than the production costs and it is hard for manufacturers to bear.

Besides, Henan Billions, a leading TiO2 company in China, gained soars in it revenue and net profit in H1 201 5. CCM attributes its success to its layout of its TiO2 industry chain.

The RMB/USD exchange rate in this issue is USD1 .00=RMB6.3752 on 1 Sept., 201 5, sourced from the People’s Bank of China. All the prices mentioned in this newsletter include the VAT unless otherwise specified.”


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