Top 5 In store trends in ALCOHOLIC DRINKS 2015

Date: 2015-08

With the aim to anticipate to consumers’ needs and desires, both brands and retailers have increased their innovation efforts for the alcoholic drinks category, thus resulting in the continuous emergence of retail trends for the category. Understanding these trends and ensuring that aside from a innovation in product ranges, an eloquent in-store execution that embodies these hot trends is crucial for success in the category.

This report provides the latest innovations around five key trends for the alcoholic drinks category, with the aim to assist you in taking your category to the next level, thus driving footfall, engaging shoppers, enhancing shopping experience, and ultimately, increasing sales and shopper loyalty.
The following five trends have been identified as change drivers of in-store execution for the alcoholic drinks category:
1. In-Store Technology: is increasingly being used by both retailers and brands to draw attention to the category, provide product education and usage ideas, and influence purchasing decisions.
2. Creating Excitement In-Store: whether eye catching displays, product sampling and demonstrations, expert product advice, or in-store bars, an element of retail-tainment (retail theatre) is essential to increase footfall to the category and engage shoppers at POS.
3. Instructional Selling: providing educational material at the shelf; e.g, catalogues with product descriptions, recommendations of foods that go well with specific drinks, and other relevant information enables shoppers to interact with the category and make more informed decisions.
4. Valuing Origin: the right mix of global and local products provides more variety and personalisation to the in-store experience. Some retailers are creating special sections for foreign drinks, a section that is separate from the main alcoholic drinks aisle. Providing this type of variety and segmentation enables mainstream retailers to effectively compete against specialist retailers.
5. Health & Sustainability Credentials: both retailers and brands are increasingly developing organic and bio ranges across various alcoholic drinks categories. The appropriate in-store execution is also essential in order to exploit these credentials and effectively communicate them to shoppers at the shelf.


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