Today’s Millennials in 2025 : Identifying opportunities to effectively target this generational group in the future

Date: 2015-11


Defined as consumers aged 18-34, Millennials are a sizable demographic cohort in many major markets today. They account for the largest generation in the American workforce in 2015 and a major proportion of the population of emerging economies like India and China. The Millennial generation will yield significant global influence over the next decade and will continue to be highly influential in the global FMCG landscape.

Key Findings
– Unlike previous generational cohorts, Millennials are “”always on, always connected,”” using multiple digital touchpoints to share experiences and project a highly individualistic personal brand both on- and offline.

– This generational group is challenging traditional notions of gender identities, which will evolve further and become more mainstream by 2025. The concept of gender fluidity will become the norm for their children, which will force FMCG manufacturers to redefine gender-oriented marketing strategies.

– In 2025, Millennials will need to tackle negative health effects associated with overconsumption of protein. Innovation concepts for NPD inspiration will include mimicking meat consumption experiences in plant-based food, and delivering health-enhancing ingredients through alternative formats like IV drips.

Today’s Millennials in 2025 first explores the attitudes and behaviors of Millennials (i.e. consumers aged 18-34) today by identifying five key traits typical of this generational group. It then goes on to the report’s core focus: outlining future potential concepts and innovation implications for FMCG manufacturers along five themes identified by Canadean that reflect the attitudes, concerns, and behaviors of the Millennial generation in 2025 – marriage and housing, gender identity, sharing economy, health, and employment and work.

– Gain in depth insight into Millennials and their importance in influencing today’s FMCG landscape.

– Understand the attitudes, concerns, and behaviors of the Millennial generation in 2025 (i.e. consumers who will be aged 28-44 at the time).

– Explore interesting concepts to inspire future NPD to target Millennials effectively in 2025.”


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