China Titanium Dioxide Industry Data Report

Date: 2015-05

“Hot topic:
-In China, the main technology for producing titanium dioxide is by sulfuric acid process. However, this method is polluted and with low profit. So almost 80% of producers adopting this technology suffered losses. On the contrary, chlorination process was comparatively environmental friendly, and with high quality. But the code technology was monopolized by foreign giants. However, Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd had established the first 60,000 t/a production line with chlorination process in China, which was a sign that the production technology had been improved, along with the more attention on environmental protection and exploration for the high-end market. As for the producers, who were still using sulfuric acid process, there is a document stipulating the entry conditions for titanium dioxide, which would be officially issued in the near future. Under these conditions, not only quality of titanium dioxide will be standardized, but also the whole industry will develop in a more orderly and environmental friendly way. The future of titanium industry is more promising.

– Along with the recovery of American economy, the demand of titanium dioxide from North America has risen, which drove China’s export volume to reach around 225,000 tonne in the first five months of 2014, increasing by over 50% YoY. The strong momentum of export also induced domestic producers to rise price. Since stock would decrease after the increment of exportation. It benefited the titanium industry as a whole, not only for improving international competiveness of domestic producers, but also for keeping vigorous to develop continuously. Additionally, the promising tendency is foreseeable, among which, Asian-Pacific region will lead.
-Background: The global titanium resources are mainly distributed in Canada, South Africa, and China, etc. In 2013, the output of titanium dioxide in China reached 1.99 million tonnes. Chinese titanium dioxide industry boosted in the last decade. Great progress had made in not only quality and technology, but also international competiveness. However, there is a bottle neck confronted by domestic producers, overcapacity. Transformation and innovation is needed. Some producers do improve their technologies by research and development; some strengthen competiveness by merging fronted corporations. After the take-off, Chinese titanium dioxide industry would enjoy the second soar in the near future.
-What to report: In this report, the entire titanium dioxide industry chain was introduced comprehensively. It could be generally divided into three parts, the upstream, titanium dioxide and its two major kinds of products, anatase and rutile, thirdly, the consumption of titanium dioxide by application. In the first two parts, plenty of information would be shown by graphs, covering output, situation of import and export, and the apparent consumption. As for the last part, the major applications fields of titanium dioxide would be analyzed. Not only the consumption of titanium dioxide in each industry would be given, but also the output of each industry and major consumption pattern of titanium dioxide were shown.


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