Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1511 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-12

“In Nov. 2015, apart from paying attention to imports, exports and prices of TiO2 as usual, CCM analyzed the Energy Consumption Limitation for Titanium Dioxide Product as well as Henan Billions’ third quarter financial report deeply. Meanwhile, CCM also shared its latest achievements in TiO2 big data research.

First of all, CCM reported China’s exports and imports of TiO2 in Sept., revealing that both the import volume and export volume realized MoM increases. This can be attributed to the falling prices of TiO2, but not the real improvement in demand. In the same month, China’s import price of ilmenite dropped significantly and China’s import volume of ilmenite increased slightly. As of Nov. 2015, China’s TiO2 price was still falling down and insufficient downstream market demand worsened after Chinese traditional peak season.

Secondly, CCM paid much attention to Henan Billions’ third quarter financial report. As domestic market conditions were so depressed, CCM thought that Henan Billions’ mild sliding performance was acceptable. In fact, CCM believed that an advanced production and sales scale as well as a fine industry chain system will promise Henan Billions a bright future. On 6 Nov., 2015, the Energy Consumption Limitation for Titanium Dioxide Product was launched officially, standardizing the energy consumption of TiO2 digitally. CCM thinks the new standards can help weed out backward capacities more quickly and boost the TiO2 industry over the long haul. However, in a short term, the standards are not likely to bring any substantial benefits for the TiO2 market which is now facing its unprecedented poor conditions.

Then CCM also reported company dynamics: Jiangxi Tikou had already resumed the production of sulfate-processed rutile TiO2 at the end of Oct.; On 2 Nov., 2015, Yunnan Dahutong disclosed that the company will stop producing acid dissolved titanium slag in Nov.; On 3 Nov., 2015, Henan Billions released an announcement, showing that the construction of its 2×150,000 t/a high-grade titanium materials project (first phase) was basically finished.

It is worth noting that CCM was invited to make a speech on the 2015 China TiO2 Industry Annual Meeting held in Kunming City, Yunnan Province on 1 3 Nov., 2015. On the meeting, TiO2 industry analyst from CCM, Dean Wu, gave a speech on new trends of the domestic TiO2 market through analyzing big data, showing that Chinese TiO2 industry will continue to be gloomy in a short time and TiO2 market was relatively prosperous in Guangdong Province.”


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