Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1507(12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-08

“In this issue, CCM focuses on the imports & exports, prices up and down streams of the TiO2 industry as usual. Besides, CCM makes a brief review on the industry in H1 2015 and then analyzed how will the registration system reform that may be put into effect in 2015 effect the industry.

First of all, in May 2015, China’s import volume of TiO2 dropped slightly while the export market began to recover. May is the end of the peak demand season of the TiO2 industry in China in the first half of year and the demand was weak, leading to a MoM decrease in the import volume. The recovery of the market in the Asia Pacific Region and the Middle East region was the major reason for the MoM increase in China’s export volume of TiO2. Besides, in May 2015, the import volume of titanium placer and feedstock again fell again. It was mainly because the imported titanium ore imported from Africa at low prices has always been dragging down the overall price of imported titanium ore. With higher production costs, mine manufacturers from India and Australia began to cut their exports to China as the trading price kept falling down.

Secondly, CCM makes a brief introduction to the registration system reform that may be put into effect in 2015 and believes that it will lead to more listed TiO2 companies in China. As there are more and more financing channels, M&As will be more frequent in the TiO2 industry. Meanwhile, CCM makes a brief review on the industry in H1 2015 and then summarizes that demand is the key problem that hampers the development of the industry. CCM expects that it is less likely for the Chinese TiO2 industry to recover significantly in H2 2015.

Thirdly, CCM also pays attention to hot topics inside the industry: On 1 July, 2015, DuPont announced that it had completed the separation of its Performance Chemicals segment through the spin-off of The Chemours Company; On 14 July, 2015, CNNC TD released an update on its trading suspension which involves industry integration with a predicted transaction volume of over USD32.71 million; On 14 July, 2015, Jilin Gpro released an announcement, showing that the company had realized a significant growth in its performance in H1 2015; On 19 July, 2015, Henan Billions released a flash report on its performance in H1 2015, according to which, the company gained a net profit of USD7.62 million (RMB46.58 million), soaring by 301.3% year on year, etc.

The RMB/USD exchange rate in this issue is USD1 .00=RMB6.1149 on 1 July, 2015, sourced from the People’s Bank of China. All the prices mentioned in this newsletter include the VAT unless otherwise specified.


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