TiO2 China Monthly Report 1504 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-05

“In this issue, CCM paid special attention to the imports & exports, price and upstream & downstream products of TiO2. Meanwhile, CCM analyzed the annual reports of four domestic listed TiO2 enterprises and predicted the growth points of the global TiO2 market in the near future.

According to CCM, in Feb. 2015, China’s export volume and import volume of TiO2 both slid down. The fall in import volume was mainly resulted from the production suspension and reduction of downstream enterprises during the Chinese Lunar New year; the reason for the down in export volume was that export to Europe and Brazil was reduced influenced by the depreciation of Euro and Brazilian real. Meanwhile, in Feb. 2015, import volume of titanium placer and feedstock as well as the output of titanium concentrate ore declined month on month. India and Australia were the major import origins. The domestic titanium concentrate ore market was in the doldrums in Feb.

At the end of March, 2015, domestic listed TiO2 enterprises released their 201 4 annual reports in succession. CCM analyzed the performance of four listed enterprises and all these enterprises’ profits were improved thank to the growths in gross profit margins. Since March, 2015 to April 2015, the domestic TiO 2 price presented an upward trend. However, unlike the past, the latest wave of price increases was not led by leading companies, but by many medium-sized companies instead. Many medium-sized TiO2 manufacturers have improved their competitiveness through mergers and acquisitions and capacity expansions. Besides, CCM has developed a model to successfully forecast the TiO2 consumption in developing countries based on the macroeconomic data of countries and analyzed the countries with the most potential in the TiO2 industry in the coming years.

CCM also briefly analyzed the influence of the Russian TiO2 market to China’s export of TiO2 and the influence of the dropping imported titanium ore price to the domestic titanium ore industry. It is worth mentioning that on 26-27 March, 2015, Chief Editor of Chemical EJNs of CCM, Lu Jialin, was invited to make a speech titled the Exploitation of Global TiO2 Emerging Market on the 201 5 International Titanium Products Summit. Apart from these, CCM also paid attention to the 1 st National Boiling Chloride process TiO2 Training Meeting and the Application Technology Exchange Meeting held by held by Luohe Xingmao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Xingmao Titanium) in Luohe City, Henan Province; the publish of the list of the 2015 Top Ten Global Coating Manufacturers and the cuts to interest rate and deposit-reserve ratio.

The RMB/USD exchange rate in this issue is USD1 .00=RMB6.1434 on 1 April., 2015, sourced from the People’s Bank of China. All the prices mentioned in this newsletter include the VAT unless otherwise specified.


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