The Pharmaceutical Industry 2009 – The Key R&D Trends Impacting New Product Development

Date: 2015-06

“Despite the current economic downturn, pharmaceutical research and development spending continues to play a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Recent trends indicate a consolidation of efforts through numerous acquisitions, both intra-pharmaceutical as well as purchases of biotechs by big pharma. In addition, pharmaceutical companies are narrowing the focus of their research and development units through a more strategic concentration on key chronic illnesses. Current challenges to FDA approvals have influenced this reduction in the number of products under development.

In part I of our two-part series on the outlook for the pharmaceutical industry, we assess the trends taking place around new product research and development. This consultancy-style report provides an overview of the current landscape of pharmaceutical research and development as well as insights into trends in the coming year.

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– Analysis of mergers and acquisitions
– Future trends
– Drug approval challenges
– Outsourcing

Key Reasons to Purchase

– CBR Pharma Insights identifies and discusses the key trends surrounding the landscape of pharmaceutical research & development
– Gain Access to CBR Pharma Insights’ analysis around current and future M&A activity along with several of the major deals that are in the process of taking place
– Visualize how pharmaceutical companies are focusing on chronic illness by therapeutic area and key players
– Gain insight from our analysis on the changes in FDA approval times over the past several years
– Understand better the growing trends that are impacting outsourcing of research & development
– Benefit from our key conclusions and future insights to best support the challenges being faced with research & development within the pharmaceutical industry”


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