The Perception of the Pharmaceutical Industry – What the Web is Saying About Health Care Reform, Drug Safety, And Prescription Costs

Date: 2015-06

“Three of the most important areas that make up the public’s perception of the pharmaceutical industry center around its involvement in the recent health care reform, the safety of its medication, and the cost associated with filling a prescription.

Even though the industry will be contributing approximately $80 billion in fees and rebates towards the recent US health care reform legislation, the consumers’ perception is that they have actually contributed negatively to it.

Consumers feel that the high prices they are paying for their medication, which some believe is not truly safe, are not fully justified in this poor economic climate where the unemployment rate is high and health care costs are escalating. Pharmaceutical companies, and the industry as a whole, have a lot of work to do to in order to change consumers’ perceptions.

This report provides insights into what people are saying about the pharmaceutical industry as it relates to health care reform, drug safety and the cost for prescription medication. CBR Pharma Insights utilized online consumer interviews as well as internet opinion/social media mining to support the conclusions made about these three important issues.

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– Consumer perception of pharmas’ involvement with health care reform
– Consumer perception of product safety
– Consumer perception of costs for medication
– Key takeaways and future recommendations

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Gain access to direct comments & opinions being posted on the internet around pharma’s involvement in health care reform, product safety, and product pricing
– Benefit from the innovative opinion mining and primary market research techniques used to better understand consumers’ perceptions of pharma
– Identify which website genres & individual domains are seeing the most online ‘chatter’ about the pharmaceutical industry
– Understand which diseases, product groups, and companies are being discussed online through forums and blogs
– Identify where & how you can position your company to stand out from the “Big Pharma” crowd
– Learn about the opportunities that are available to promote a better industry, corporate, and brand image to support your company’s future success”


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