The Impact of Generics on Pharmaceutical Growth Opportunities – A growing threat that offers future opportunities

Date: 2015-06

“While generic penetration has been on the rise in the major developed markets for some time, the current and continuing difficult economic environment is stimulating political and payer actions to accelerate the trend.

Combined with this, pharma is experiencing a wave of blockbuster patent expiries, with almost $30 billion in US sales (at 2010 levels) exposed by the largest 10 drugs which are expected to experience generic competition for the first time in 2011-2012.

As a result, companies must focus on optimizing their late-stage lifecycle management strategies to maximize at-risk product revenues. But at the same, time generics should be considered not just as a threat but also as an opportunity going forward.

The report, “The Impact of Generics on Pharmaceutical Growth Opportunities – A growing threat that offers future opportunities”, has been written to support companies with their strategic plans to maximize revenues within the shifting pharmaceutical landscape. The insights, analysis, and support provided can be used by both the branded and generics side of the business.

Please Note: This product is delivered as a zip file


– Patent expiries in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and their impact
– Strategies to optimize revenues at patent expiry
– Growth opportunities

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Compare your company’s lifecycle management strategies with those most appropriate for maximizing generic defense
– Assess the opportunities available to move into the generics side of the pharmaceutical industry, both in the established and emerging markets
– Understand the various opportunities that exist to optimize revenue in preparation for your product’s patent expiry
– Benefit from the analysis of multiple case studies to help support your company’s/brand’s strategy moving forward
– Learn from the assessments of actual tactics companies have taken, both branded & generic, to drive future revenue growth in this new era of generics”


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