The Growth of Global Semiconductor Power Device

Date: 2015-12-01

In December, 2014, the global sales of semiconductor industry was $29.13 billion, increased 9.3% compared to sales in same period of 2013 which was $24.74 million, in year of 2014, the global sales of semiconductor reached $333.6 billion, year-on-year growth of 10.0%.

The sales of semiconductor was $6.73 billion in North American in December, 2014, there was an increase of 16% above that of the corresponding period of last year, rose 3.1% from November, 2014; In the European area, the sales was $3 billion, grew 1.6% of the corresponding period of last year, decreased 5.8% compared to last month; in Japan, the sales of semiconductor was going down 4.4% of the corresponding period of last year, also down 4.6% compared to November. 2014

Overall, the global semiconductor market is recovering from stagnancy, according to Infineon annual report, in 2013 the global market of semiconductor power device was valued at $15.37 billion, among the market, the Infineon occupied 12% of global market share, and Mitsubishi accounted for approximately 8% around the world.

The global semiconductor power device market value (in $billions)

semiconductor power device market

A study from Fuji economic in Japan declaimed, base on sale price, the global market scale of semiconductor power device will reach $27.1 billion in 2020, there will be a large growth of 37% above that of year of 2014.

In the semiconductor power device market, the new generation of power semiconductors such as SiC, GaN Gallium oxide, etc. are growing rapidly. Predict in 2020, the sale of new generation semiconductor power device will amount to $1.352 billion, approximately 13times of growth compare to that of year of 2014, and insiders reckoned the SiC semiconductor power device will be formally formed.

The global semiconductor power device manufacturers market share status

semiconductor power device


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