The Growing Middle East Soft Drink Market 2015

Date: 2015-05

“Executive Summary
Global soft drinks value sales increased by over six percent to reach USD 867.4 billion in 2014. The United States is the leading soft drinks market in the world. Growth in the global soft drink market is being driven bymarkets such as China, Brazil, Mexico and the Middle East which have emerged as important regions for global players in the sector.
The Middle East is a fast expanding soft drinks market where the carbonated soft drink segment and bottled water has been reporting a steady growth. The growth in the region is being driven by the large proportion of inhabitants under 25 years of age and increasing disposable incomes. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are the largest consumers of carbonated soft drinks and bottled water in the region. Saudi Arabia is also the largest consumer of energy drinks in the region. With rising health awareness and consciousness, consumption of juices and bottled water are set to grow and large global soft drink manufacturers have big plans underway for the region.
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The report ‘The Growing Middle East Soft Drink Market 2015’highlights key dynamics ofMiddle East’s Soft Drinksector. The growing opportunity in the sector has been investigated along with key challenges.The report contains latest industry-related opinions.
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Smart Research Insights has conducted comprehensive desk research to arrive at key insights. Data collected from key public industry sources and publications has been scanned and analyzed impartially to present a clear picture of the industry. All recent developments which impact the sector dynamics have been captured and used to support the research hypothesis.

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