Global Expenditure On Antitumor Drug Was Over $100 Billion In 2014

Date: 2015-11-18

Cancer as the first killer to our human health, naturally antitumor drugs market is the world’s largest market in drug. According to data from IMS, the global expenditure on antitumor drug was over $100 billion in 2014, much higher than other diseases’ expense on drug. Broadly predicted the market will increased to $150 billion by 2020. During the 2010-2014, the global antitumor drug market grew at compound annual growth rate of 6.5%, and the emerging market where leading by China grew at compound annual growth rate of 15.5%, apparently the America was still the largest antitumor drug market, where accounted for 40% of whole market. China was the fastest growth area around the world, within the 2010-2014, from $7 billion to $14 billion, at CAGR of 16.2%.

From a perspective of sales structure in the global antitumor drug market, monoclonal antibody antitumor drug and protease inhibitor antitumor drug dominated the antitumor market; both of them accounted for over 65% in the antitumor drug market, the conventional antitumor drugs had lower proportion of sales because of its lower price. In China, its antitumor drug market was relatively conservative compare with international market, for instance the conventional drugs such as alkylating agents antitumor drug and anti-metabolism antitumor drugs were still dominating over 30% market, but see through the international market, the monoclonal antibody antitumor drug has leading the market.

The global antitumor drug market analysis:

Extra Focus: PD-1 antibody
Amazing PD-1 antibody may save the tumor patients across the world. In 2014, two PD-1 antibodies from Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck were approved by America and Japan; with its groundbreaking treatment effects to melanoma make industrial insiders see the hope to cure the cancers, except melanoma, PD-1 antibody also has outstanding treatment in lung cancer, liver cancer, renal carcinoma and other solid tumors, clinical indications will rapidly expand, will be a truly amazing drug. According to EvaluatePharma prediction, the market for PD-1 antibody/ PD-L1 antibody will reach $35 billion by 2020, within the period of 2015-2020 it will grow at CAGR as high as 61%.


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