The Future of Functional Food & Drinks – successful product positioning and claims

Date: 2015-09

“• As a result of stringent regulation, Europe has become the global hub for functional food and drinks clinical trials, while Japan remains by far and away the centre of functional innovation. But the largest number of functional food and drink consumers is in the US – especially as a market for lifestyle health products
• As the quality of clinical data supporting health claims improves, we expect to see deeper segmentation of target audiences for functional products. We also expect an ongoing tension in whether products are marketed as being more natural, or more ‘scientific’ or a hybrid
• We have identified four key trends in the evolving functional food and drink market: the future of probiotics and assessment of the clinical evidence in probiotics, the mainstreaming of glucose control, performance muscle and prevention muscle, and cognitive performance in adults
• Health is often not a prime consideration when consumers come to select what food and drink to consume; other motivations are more pressing, meaning consumers are likely to select an unhealthy product if it better meets their needs. Even where there is clear clinical evidence that a product or ingredient can improve health outcomes, the functional benefit may be better positioned as a solution for busy lives or changing lifestyles, or even just as expression of individualism.”


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