The ‘Durability’ VS. ‘Valuableness’ of Sapphire in Consumer Electronics

Date: 2016-03-31

The effective capacity are improved which boost shipment of sapphire in consumer electronics. 2016 will be the year of sapphire industry. Thank to the huge improvement of production technology and the cost reduction of raw material from upstream, the production cost of sapphire decline significantly. According to research, currently the sapphire screen for consumer electronics is approximately at $30/piece, this price will be accepted by most of mid-high end handset manufacturers, in addition the industrial effective capacity has 20 million shipments for handsets.

Sapphire valued at CNY 40 billion in consumer electronics, have a clear growth track within 2-3 years. With the a further improvement in production technology, and more the sapphire applied in handsets, the cost of sapphire will have a further decrease, we estimate 40% of cell phones will be installed sapphire as their screen. With the sapphire permeability grows up, the price will keep going down, which will promote the permeability increase, make a clear industrial growth track with 2-3 years.

High industrial barrier. The bankruptcy of GTAT illustrates the production barrier is high, which need comprehensive technologies and R&D ability as well as strongly financial support. 

Industrial trends: Consumer electronics are from small to big, sapphire industry still remains positive at long-term perspective. After upsurge in 2013 to 2014 sapphire industry calmed down a little bit, but review the industry development history, we think the sapphire industry remains positive in consumer electronics applications at long-term view, apart from LED for sapphire industry, the consumer electronics application opens up a new market space for sapphire, we believe that the future applications of sapphire in the consumer electronics from small screens gradually extended to the large screens, namely from the current camera protect, home button, and other small components, and gradually develop to large-area applications such as mobile phone screen. With the increase of consumer electronics application, future sapphire industry still has growth space.

The future largest sapphire production region. China mainland has cost advantages and export convenience, is expected to become the sapphire industry center Mainland area has formed a complete sapphire industry chain; the mainland has the advantages in cost of electricity and workforces, which ensure low cost for production. And looked the downstream demand, mainland demand for sapphire substrate increase along with production capacity of sapphire; in consumer electronics, the global top 2 glass and sapphire processing factory both base in mainland China, so China takes advantage of local supply ability. In future, the china will become the world largest sapphire market.


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