The Algerian Defense Industry – Market Attractiveness and Emerging Opportunities to 2020: Market Profile

Date: 2015-09

“1 Introduction
1.1. What is this Report About?
1.2. Definitions
1.3. Summary Methodology
1.4. SDI Terrorism Index
1.5. About Strategic Defence Intelligence
2 Market Attractiveness and Emerging Opportunities
2.1. Defense Market Size Historical and Forecast
2.1.1. Algerian annual defense expenditure to reach US$20.3 billion by 2020
2.1.2. Rising threat of terrorism and arms race in the region to drive Algeria’s defense expenditure
2.2. Analysis of Defense Budget Allocation
2.2.1. Capital expenditure share expected to reach an average of 30.4% during the forecast period
2.2.2. The country’s defense expenditure as a percentage of GDP increased during 2011–2015
2.2.3. Per capita defense expenditure expected to further increase during the forecast period
2.3. Homeland Security Market Size and Forecast
2.3.1. Homeland Security market in Algeria is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.16% during 2016–2020
2.3.2. Human trafficking and drug trafficking form the main components of homeland security expenditure
2.3.3. Algeria is at significant risk from external and internal threats
2.3.4. Algeria faces a significant threat from terrorists
2.4. Benchmarking with Key Global Markets
2.4.1. Algerian defense expenditure expected to increase at a CAGR of 11.73% over the forecast period
2.4.2. Algerian military expenditure is limited compared to countries with the largest defense expenditure
2.4.3. Algeria spent over 5.4% of its GDP on defense in 2015
2.4.4. Algeria is significantly affected by terrorism
2.5. Market Opportunities: Key Trends and Growth Stimulators
2.5.1. Armored Personnel Carrier
2.5.2. Border Security
2.5.3. Transport Aircraft
2.5.4. Infrastructure Construction
3 Appendix
3.1. About SDI
3.2. Disclaimer”


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