TAEKDA, TAK-700 – Unable to demonstrate OS benefit in chemo experienced patients- What to expect in chemo naïve pool and in earlier setting?

Date: 2015-07

“On Friday 26th July ‘13, Takeda announced interim analysis results from the ELM-PC 5 Phase 3 study of Orteronel (TAK-700) plus prednisone in chemo experienced prostate cancer patients. The interim analysis of the study indicated that it was likely that orteronel plus prednisone would not meet the primary endpoint of improved OS when compared to the control arm (HR- 0.894), though the study did meet the secondary endpoint of improving rPFS (HR- 0.755). On the safety front, there were no major concerns.
What to expect in Pre-chemo setting from TAK-700? Might demonstrate OS benefit compared to control arm but difficult to beat approved drugs- Zytiga and Xtandi
Zytiga in post chemo setting demonstrated OS HR of 0.74 and PFS HR of 0.67, while TAK-700 has demonstrated OS HR of 0.89 and PFS of 0.755. If we compare ”

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