Sweeteners China News 1509

Date: 2015-10

“In 2015, the Chinese raw sugar processors, incapable in self-discipline, continue large imports, which exerts pressure on the domestic sucrose price. In the 2015/16 extracting season, the import policy and the import volume will play a decisive role in the overall price trend in China, as the output of sucrose has been confirmed to decline.
In September 2015, the China Association of Quality released the results from the 201 5 National Consumer Satisfactional Research in Tea Drink Industry. Accordingly, the Chinese consumers pay close attention to the sugar contained in tea drinks, which is expected to play a role in pushing the development of low-sugar and low-calorie sweeteners.
Since 2013 when the neotame patents expired in the US, China’s neotame market has been rapidly developing. However, the supply of raw materials still restrict the industry growth.
In August 2015, CFDA released the Administrative Measures for Food Production Licensing, in which the production of food additives is also required to go through the application for production license. This will be favourable for the government to enhance the supervision on food safety.
In 2015/16 extracting season, the 3 leading sucrose production regions, Yunnan, Guangdong and Hainan will together lift the price control on sugarcane, and the price will be decided by market. This is expected to be the development trend in China’s sucrose industry.
In H1 2015, Guilin Layn performed well in its plant extract business, especially regarding the stevia leaf extract (mainly stevia sweeteners) and luo han guo extract (mogroside mix). In the future, the company will continue expanding this business.
In September 2015, Shandong Longlive was listed in the Top 5 Polysaccharide/ Oligosaccharides Enterprises of the Feed Additive Best Brand, thanks to its vigorous expansion in feed market. In the future, Shandong Longlive will continue increasing the XOS application in animal husbandry industry.
Since June 2015, China’s price of crystalline glucose has been decreasing, due to the weakened support from raw material corn and the sluggish downstream demand. In the short run, the price will continue declining.
During January-July 2015, the export price of sucralose from China showed a downward trend. Specifically, JK Sucralose has begun to up-regulate the price since June, whilst the others maintained downturns.
In January-July 2015, China achieved a big rise in maltitol exports, mainly because of the brisk sale in Japan, the largest destination for China’s maltitol which was carved up by 3 enterprises instead of being monopolised by only 1 previously.”


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