Solombal”skiy LDK (SLDK) – Company Capsule

Date: 2015-12

Solombal”skiy LDK (Solombal”skiy) is a manufacturer and distributor of timber products. The company offers products such as kraft pulp, kraft paper, wrapping paper, wood-chemical products, and finished and semi-finished pieces from wood. It also provides paper for domestic use, raw tall oil, coniferous lumber, wooden boxes, molded boards, and sawn softwood. Solombal”skiy exports its goods to the Netherlands, Egypt, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark, among others. The company has operations in Russia and China. It operates through its subsidiaries such as JSC Solombalales Managing Company, OJSC Solombala Pulp-and-Paper Mill, and OJSC Solombala Sawmill and Woodworking Plant. Solombal”skiy is headquartered in Arkhangelsk, Russia.


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