Social Media in UK Insurance

Date: 2015-11

Businesses are using social media for a range of activities impacting on the customer experience, from marketing to customer service to brand building. The insurance industry remains behind the curve on this but can no longer afford to ignore an increasingly important channel, where conversations and peer recommendations around brands take place with or without a provider’s participation.

– Understand the key opportunities, challenges, and critical success factors in developing a social media presence.
– Take on board the lessons learnt and success found in a series of primarily insurance-based social media case studies.

– What can social media channels do for my business and what approaches have others found that work best?
– What critical success factors must be front of mind in approaching social media to avoid major pitfalls?

Key Highlights
Aviva has been careful to ensure that its support service is not a faceless entity but a human one. Pictures of the four team members line its Twitter page. As each sign off any messages personally, customers can see who they have been in contact with.

New social media platforms are being created regularly, fragmenting the social media landscape. Providers have finite marketing budgets, and need to carefully target platforms to deploy resources effectively.

It is difficult to sustain consumer interest in insurance, and providers must be smart and proactive in establishing common interests with customers, tailoring the brand to resonate with them.”


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