Snacking – understanding existing trends, capitalizing on new trends and looking to counteract inhibitors in the market

Date: 2015-09

“• The Snacking market is growing substantially faster than the Meals and Meal Components markets.
• Fragmented meal times are leaving consumers more dependent on snacks for their nutritional intake, creating an opportunity for healthy snacks and meals blurring.
• Time scarcity, whether real or perceived, is rife amongst consumers who are seeking out convenient snacking items that can be consumed whilst on-the-go and in place of traditional meal time items.
• While manufacturers need to appreciate the growing health consciousness of consumers they must remember that taste and indulgence will always remain key motivators for the consumption of snacking items.
• Snack consumption varies by time of day with consumers being inherently healthier in the morning and seeking indulgent snacks that aid escapism by the afternoon.
• Retailers should be aware of the increasing popularity of saver menus from quick serve restaurants as these pose strong competition for the future of the snacking market.”


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