Smart Plug Market Analysis

Date: 2015-12-03

Smart plug is under the concept of the Internet of Things, and is developing along with the development of smart home. Smart plug is a plug that now usually refers to the built-in Wi-Fi module and can conduct function operation by smart phone Clients, the most basic feature can remote control socket off the current through the mobile client, to set the timer switch of plug. Smart plug now mainly emphasize home Intellectualization, generally supporting the use of domestic electrical equipment. There are also a number of enhanced features of smart plug, such as power statistics, enhanced Wi-Fi, temperature and humidity induction and other functions. Smart plugs also belong to a segment category of smart hardware. Smart hardware is a new cross-border areas which is IT industry and traditional industries combined, relatively common smart hardwares include smart plug, smart bracelet, smart router etc.
Smart plug is an emerging electrical product, so far, China has no clear Standard Specification and definitions, and because technological development and user awareness and other reasons, the current market in the sale of products is very few. Smart Plug is a security plug of new concept. The series is a new smart safety plug that set a PLC automatic control safe energy converter and electrical Intellectualization power-saving standby plug at an organic whole. Its main function is energy-saving, safe. It mainly used for household and office appliances.


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