Sensors Market

Date: 2016-05

Sensors are commonly deployed semiconductor devices in wide range of mechanical and electrical systems and equipment. The key function of sensor is to monitor the surrounding environment for plethora of physical parameters including temperature, pressure, force, strain, inertia, presence and several others. These parameters are gradually provided as an output after an appropriate signal processing through additional circuits.

The Sensors Tracker aims to offer a comprehensive sensors database for respective Market Value, Market Shipments and Average Selling Prices based on Product Type, Sub-Type, Industry Verticals and Geography.

Based upon type, the tracker for Sensors has been classified primarily into following categories: Inertial, Optical, Proximity, Photoelectric, Displacement, Motion, Pressure, Process, Touch, Temperature and few niche categories under Others segment. Each of these types are further segregated sub-types corresponding to their operating principles, functions and fabrication. Subsequently, an extensive cross-mapping has been provided for such tracker based on the applicability of each sub-type of sensor into diversified set of industry verticals including Automobile, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, paper & Pulp, Textiles, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Waste Water Treatment, Construction, Mining, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Power & Energy and several other such end-user categories.

All the aforementioned industry verticals have been analysed with respect to eminent nations organized into five geographic regions, viz: North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle-East and Africa. All these regions have been assorted into a set of prominent nations. These nations have been provided with sensors market corresponding to sub-types and industry verticals.

The tracker also offers an extensive overview about competitive landscape existing in the sensors market based upon their types and applications in various industries. All the key manufacturers have been assorted distinctly for each type and sub-type of sensors that are further evaluated for respective market share across the globe. The parameters employed for such competitive analysis among the manufacturers incorporates financials, product portfolio, applications and industries served, distributors, manufacturing capabilities, geographic presence, R&D investments, market developments and several others.


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