Semi-annual Report Analysis of China Pesticide Listed Enterprises

Date: 2015-05

“The China Crop Protection Industry Association had issued the highly anticipated 2014 China’s Top 100 Pesticide Manufacturers List in H1 2014. According to the statistics, the output of the Chinese pesticide industry in 2013 maintained a modest growth, with an increase of 1.6%; the total revenue reached USD45.69 billion, with an increase of 19.1%; the total profit reached USD3.73 billion, with a sharp YoY increase of 30.8%. In terms of pesticide import and export, the export value increased by 31.0% and the export volume increased by 22.1%, which far outnumbered the output increase. What鈥檚 more, the export price of pesticides showed a rising tendency. The import price of pesticide products increased by 16.8%, and the import volume met a significant increase of 10.6%; cumulative trade surplus in 2013 totaled USD3.05 billion, with a YoY increase of 34.7%. The export volume of pesticide formulations has maintained a rapid growth this year and it exceeded that of the pesticide technicals (TC) in 2013, which further speeded up the building of the Chinese pesticide industry’s brand image in the international market.

After about a half year in 2014, could the good situation continue in China? The performance of domestic listed enterprises in H1 2014 could give some signs.

As representatives of pesticide industry in China, domestic listed pesticide enterprises are supposed to be the guides for the development of the whole industry. On the whole, the 21 listed pesticide enterprises in H1 2014 showed a good performance in China’s pesticide industry.

Their total revenue and net profit both increased a lot, compared with that of H1 2013. Their total assets reached USD13.83 billion, 11.24% higher than that at the end of 2013. Huapont-Nutrichem ranked the first, with a total asset of USD1.88 billion, 51.55% higher than that at the end of 2013 for its merging issues. Pesticide business contributed much to the performance of these listed pesticide enterprises in H1 2013, so does it in H1 2014. For their R&D cost, their total R&D cost accounted for only 1.99% of their total revenue, but 25.10% higher than that in H1 2013. Merging & Acquisition is still one of the major themes in China’s pesticide industry. But pesticide industry in China continues to face complex situation in 2014.

In this report, semi-annual reports of the 21 listed enterprises involved in pesticides or pesticide intermediates were summarized and analyzed. It summarized the ranking of pesticide listed enterprises in the whole, and described the performance of the 21 listed pesticide enterprises through their revenue, net profit and pesticide business in H1 2014 respectively. Their business structure and the revenue from the top five costumers were also analyzed in this report. As their major business, pesticide business was analyzed through the revenue, gross profit margin and growth rate, etc.”


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