Seed China News 1702

Date: 2017-03

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Henan Jinboshi plans to apply to China CITIC Bank for USD2.92 million working capital loan

On 6 Jan., 2017, Henan Jinboshi Seed Co., Ltd. (Henan Jinboshi) announced that to develop its business, the company planned to apply to China CITIC Bank Zhengzhou Branch for USD2.92 million (RMB20 million) working capital loan with loan period of one year and 5.22% as annual lending interest rate.

Henan Jinboshi was established in 2001 and is located in No.50 Shangying Street in the National Economic and Technical Development Zone in Zhengzhou City. The company is a private seed enterprise with scientific research, production, processing, and marketing service of seeds as its main business. It was certificated with business licence for seed breeding, reproducing and promoting by the Ministry of Agriculture and seed import and export licence.

Henan Jinboshi are successively awarded as “”China top 50 seed enterprises””, “”Henan key agricultural industry enterprise””, “”Henan famous trademark””, “”China’s backbone seed enterprise””, “”Henan high-tech enterprise””, “”AAA-level credit industry in China’s seed industry”” and “”China’s credit backbone enterprise in seed industry””. As a member of China National Seed Association and vice enterprise president of Henan Seed Association, this well-established company has been honoured with tens of titles.

With high-quality varieties and reasonable variety structure, Henan Jinboshi now deals in 29 main crop seed varieties, including 12 corn seed varieties, 4 wheat seed varieties, 11 rice seed varieties and 2 cotton seed varieties. Corn varieties contains Zhengdan 958, Jinboshi 658, Xiuqing 74-9, Liyu 37, Qidan 1, Liangyu 22 and other varieties, in which 2 varieties are certified by the country and Zhengdan 958, in terms of planting areas, is the most widely promoted one in China as well as the dominant variety of Henan JInboshi now. Other corn varieties mentioned above are certified by main corn producing areas. The company has already created a management structure in which the business of dominant varieties develops sustainably and stably, that of multiple high-quality varieties grows rapidly and that of wheat seeds and rice seeds gradually increases. Thanks to its independent and cooperative R&D system, R&D capability of Henan Jinboshi improves uninterruptedly. In 2011, Henan Jinboshi sent 39 corn varieties, 7 wheat varieties and 3 rice varieties to national, provincial and regional examination. Since 2010, the company has acquired 1 new variety right of plants and has independently or cooperatively bred 4 new varieties which were certified or introduced from other regions.

In 2015, Henan JInboshi independently developed a new variety Jinboshi 781. Besides, Zhongdan 856 and Jingjing 1, which were developed by Henan Jinboshi and technology enterprises, passed national examination. Jinboshi 963 and Jinboshi 688 have relatively passed the examinations of Hebei and Liaoning provinces. What’s more, the company breeds other 14 new varieties. Advancing scientific research will help Heinan Jinboshi take off again.

Henan Jinboshi possesses high-quality and stable breeding bases, including corn breeding base which is located in China’s most important corn breeding base in Zhangye City, Gansu Province. In 2011, the company started developing the second base for corn breeding in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Its wheat breeding base is located in Henan Province which is the No.1 wheat-producing province in China. Rice breeding base is mainly located in Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces and other regions which are favourable to rice breeding. Henan Jinboshi builds up a quality control system for seed breeding, producing, processing and sales. It also has excellent system for the supervision of seed quality. These two systems are the guarantee of the superior and stable quality of the company’s produces, and strongly safeguard the company’s sustainable and stable development.

With long term endeavor and persistence, outstanding and stable produce quality, integrity and good service, Henan Jinboshi becomes one of the excellent brands in main corn producing areas in China.”


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