Report on Financial Performance of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in H1 2016

Date: 2016-11

“CCM listed the top 10 Chinese listed pesticide enterprises based on pesticide revenue in H1 2016. Huapont Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (Huapont Life Sciences) ranked top 1 with the pesticide revenue of over USD343.96 million, followed by Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Red Sun) and Beijing Nutrichem Company Limited (Beijing Nutrichem).

The total pesticide revenue of top 10 listed pesticide enterprises in China reached USD2.749 billion in H1 2016, down 10.45% YoY compared with that in H1 2015. Nine of them suffered a pesticide revenue decline, and six of them also suffered decrease in gross profit margin in H1 2016.

Both Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Wynca) and Lianhe Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (Lianhe Technology) suffered severe drops in pesticide revenue in H1 2016, down 26.54% and 23.91% YoY respectively. Zhejiang Wynca attributed this to the price fall of glyphosate, and continuous low price of organosilicone products, as well as the overcapacity of both products. As for Lianhe Technology, the sluggish pesticide industry in the world and the need to reduce the inventory are the major explanations for its decline in pesticide revenue.

Regarding the geographical position, these 10 pesticide enterprises are mainly located in the coastal areas of East China, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces. In detail, 4 of them are located in Jiangsu, namely Nanjing Red Sun, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd. and Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Wynca and Lianhe Chemical are situated in Zhejiang; Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong. Besides, Huapont Life Sciences is established in Chongqing (Southwest China), Beijing Nutrichem is located in Beijing and Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemical Co., Ltd. is in Guangdong (South China).

If you are interested in the financial performance of Chinese listed pesticide enterprises in H1 2016, you could have a look at CCM’s report: Report on Financial Performance of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises in H1 2016. In this report, you are able to find out the performance of the 33 listed pesticide enterprises in China between H1 2012 and H1 2016, including revenue and net profit, revenue and gross profit margin from pesticide business, primary earnings per share, and the business structure in H1 2016 of each company.”


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