Related Policies for Crop Planting in China/data publication

Date: 2015-05

“Crop planting industry is an important basis of agriculture. Agricultural produces is an important strategic commodity for people鈥檚 livelihood. And ensuring the supply of agricultural produces is the primary task of agriculture development. In order to guide the development of agriculture in 2014, China鈥檚 Ministry of Agriculture has proposed 50 concrete measures. In this report, the related policies for crop planting are introduced and they mainly focus on the following aspects:

– Price support for agricultural produces
– Declining production costs
– Prompting agricultural production in large-scale and standardization
– Processing and marketing of agricultural produces
– Talent cultivation and technical guidance
– Ecological and environmental conservation

Except the policy introduction, you can also get an overview of the financial support for agriculture in China in recent years. What鈥檚 more, the related policies for crop planting have been interpreted with professional perspective.

Overall, China鈥檚 government will strengthen the support to crop planting, improving the agricultural science and technology and strengthening the construction of the agricultural infrastructure. Crops planting industry will get a lot of advantages in the future and more investment opportunities will turn up.”


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