RADAR gun Market

Date: 2016-05

RADAR uses the property of sound to determine how far an object is. Based on a signal emitted from a source and how long it takes to receive that signal, one can determine how far the object is. A RADAR gun applies the same principle and is used to determine how fast an object is moving. RADAR guns were extensively used in North America and in Europe for traffic violation purposes. Law enforcement agencies would use RADAR guns to determine if commuters were going over the speed limit or not. Today, the guns are also used in the APAC region extensively in China, India Singapore and Malaysia for the purpose of catching traffic violators.

Another key application for RADAR guns is the use in sports where they are used to track how fast a ball has been thrown or delivered. In this day and age, the sports statistics of every sports person is recorded so that they can become better with practice in the coming games. RADAR guns help these sports persons to train and become better. The defense sector has been using RADAR guns to test the speed of projectiles. They are also used at firing ranges to determine the effectiveness of projectiles that are used.

The North American market is currently the highest adopter of RADAR guns. These guns are extensively used across all applications. They will continue to be the highest contributor to the overall market till well beyond the forecast period. The hand-held RADAR guns till date have contributed more to the market because of the range of applications for which they are being used. Table-top RADAR guns are used for industrial purposes as against hand-held which are used for traffic control applications.

There are numerous vendors present in the market with the degree of rivalry high as pricing is the only key criteria, which are essential as of now as well as the range and accuracy of the RADAR guns. Vendors employ different technologies for their respective guns depending for which application their customers come from.

The RADAR gun Market can be segmented as
on the basis of technology
Doppler effect, Stationary radar and Moving radar

In terms of application
Sports, Traffic Control and Defense

In terms of type
Handheld and tabletop

By Geography
North America, South America, APAC, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Following are just a few of the companies that are operating in the RADAR gun market.
Hoku Scientific
W. L. Gore & Associates


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