PUDO in the UK | Verdict Channel Report

Date: 2016-02

We forecast the value of the pick up and drop off (PUDO) market to increase by 275% from 2013 to 2018. While the likes of Collect+ and Amazon Lockers are in the early stages of being established as core delivery options, over the next five years we expect major growth. This report analyses key trends, who is using the service, and market value broken down by sector.

Key Findings
– Understand how big the opportunity for click and collect is in the UK

– Find out which sectors are best suited to PUDO

– Find out the consumer drivers behind PUDO services

– Compare the take up of PUDO via tablets and smartphones

– Includes demographics of PUDO shoppers

With growth of 274.8% from 2013 to 2018e, the UK PUDO market is set to grow at a quick pace. However, it will face obstacles in achieving this rate of growth, ranging from shopper behavior and uncertainty, to retailers’ capacity and willingness to engage with the service.

With only 15.0% of shoppers who have never used locker services intending to try them at least once, providers need to build awareness in order to establish the service. An important step in increasing the uptake of lockers is in getting shoppers to use the service just once.

Though Collect+ type services as a main delivery method are far behind that of the Post Office in many sectors, over the next five years we expect Collect+ and similar services to become the primary PUDO delivery method. While Post Offices are closing around the UK, Collect+ has been greatly expanding its coverage.

Reasons To Buy
– How fast will PUDO grow in the next five years?

– Which retail sectors are best suited to PUDO?

– Which retailers have been most successful in PUDO? And which have been the least successful?

– Why do consumers choose PUDO over other fulfillment options? And why do others choose not to use PUDO?

– What is the demographic profile of PUDO shoppers?


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