Proteomics Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 20%

Date: 2015-11-12

Proteomics market is expected to grow impressively with approximate compounded annual growth rate of 20% for the forecasted period of 2015-2021. The proteomics market is segmented on the basis of proteomics instrumentation technology such as protein micro array (biochips, micro array instruments), spectroscopy (Mass and NMR), X-ray crystallography, chromatography, electrophoresis, proteomics reagents, proteomics services (analytical lab services, protein identification, extraction, sequencing, data analysis, maintaining bioinformatics data bases).  The market is driven by growing need of personalized medicines, new discoveries in the field of genomics, rise in funds for proteomics based research, growing research and development expenditure, advancement in technologies, new techniques, high output, high resolutions achiness and instruments have been developed, availability of private funds and rise in the Asian markets like China and Japan. . The top 10 companies own 40 to 50 percent of the market. Proteomic instrumentation market is dominated by proteomic microarray, accounting for around 50% of the revenue followed by spectroscopy techniques. Proteomic reagents market is dominated by immunoassays.

The market is restrained by various factors such as: success ratio of the researches is not very high, limitations of personalized medicines and lengthy regulatory approval process, reduction in funds by the US government, which owes 40% of this market, highly expensive medicines, which are 1000 fold costlier than the normal medicines present in the market and research and market is limited to a few developed nations only.

Major opportunities for the market lie in the Asian markets where contract research organizations are on a rise. Proteomics is science with broad applications in the field of therapeutics and diagnostics. Growing R&D and emergence of new players will create more market opportunities. Major players in the proteomics market are Thermo Fischer scientific corporation , Agilent technologies , Luminex corporation , Sigma-Aldrich corporation , Danaher corporation , Bio-Rad corporation , Waters corporation , PerkinElmer , Affymetrix  and others.

Companies profiled
1. Genzyme Corporation
2. Thermo Fischer scientific corporation  
3. Becton Dickinson and Co
4. BG medicine
5. Agilent technologies 
6. Luminex corporation 
7. Sigma-Aldrich corporation 
8. Danaher corporation 
9.  Anaspec Inc
10.  Asterand PLC
11.  Applied biosystems Inc
12.  Bayer technology
13.  Bio-Rad corporation 
14.  Waters corporation 
15.  PerkinElmer 
16. Affymetrix
17.  GE healthcare
18.  Genesystems Inc
19.  Activx Biosciences Inc
20.  Amgen Inc
21. Beckman coulter
22.  Biacore International AB
23.  Biocarta Inc
24.  Bruker biosciences
25.  Caliper Lifesciences
26.  Cellzome AG
27.  Commonwealth biotechnologies
28.  Digilab biovision GmBH
29.  Dionex Corp
30.  Dualsystems biotech AG


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