Production and Market of Turpentine in China

Date: 2015-05

“Turpentine hot topic:

-In December 2011, State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine, along with the general Administration of Customs of China published an announcement about adjusting the category of goods needed inspection and quarantine before import or export by modifying the regulatory conditions. The announcement was about to put into practice on 1 Jan, 2012. Among the goods, gum turpentine was one of them, which meant only getting the guarantee or report from national specified department after inspecting and quarantining could gum turpentine be imported or exported.

-In export, Japan and Mexico were no longer the major export destinations of China in the last two years. While in import, Indonesia took up more shares. Behind the changes, price is a decisive factor. However, political relation is also an important one. On one hand, the conflict over Diaoyu Island hampered the trade. Diminishing the trade volume in GT is just one of the outcomes. On contrary, benefited from the establishment of Association of Southeast Asian Nations, preferential tariff is applied among member countries, which created price advantages for trade partners, like Indonesia. Definitely, the superior quality of Indonesia GT is also a reason for the attraction, but it is still clear that political situation plays an important role.

-On 3rd Sept. 2014, gum turpentine was officially listed in Bohai Commodity Exchange, creating a platform of electric business for the involvers and facilitating transactions. Such platform meant a lot. For example, information released more immediately, helping producers to sell goods and reducing the stocks. Additionally, transparent information guaranteed justice in negotiation, dispute processing and other aspects. As the equal party, companies could enjoyed the equivalent treatment no matter how differed in scale, which ensuring the price to be reasonable. Nevertheless, since the platform was young, the regulations in monitoring and management were immature. There were some places needed improved.


Guaranteed by the abundant pine resources, China is the largest producer of gum turpentine in the world with the contribution rate of about 40%. Chinese gum turpentine industry enjoys great influence in the world .However, in recent years, China鈥檚 gum turpentine fluctuated, like the situation of import and export that Japan and Mexico were no longer the major destination, and as for production in 2013, it had reduced by 40% compared with 2012. In order to predict the tendency of gum turpentine, it is necessary to tidy up the data in a scientific way in recent years. Analyzing not only domestically but combining foreign aspects is also vital. Only from multi measures, that the future of GT could be portrayed.

What to report:

This report can generally divides into three parts. The first two parts introduced the GT and the CST elaborately from production, price, import and export, as well as consumption. In recent five years, the GT experienced great fluctuation, which resulted from domestically macroeconomic factors, extreme weather, RMB appreciation and so on. Comprehensive explanations came after each unit to make a deeper study of GT. In the third part, there are comparisons between GT and CST. Even though GT dominated the market, CST still deserved our expectation along with the increasing attention towards technology innovations and environmental protection.

-Forecast: The GT will enjoy stable development supported by rigid demand.


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