Production and Market of Sucralose in China

Date: 2015-05


After years of development and experiencing the famous 337 patent lawsuit, China has become one of the world’s most important production countries of sucralose. In the past few years, China’s sucralose production has been expanding rapidly attracted by the world’s growing demand. Many producers expanded their sucralose capacity and several new producers joint the production in recent years. What’s more, the future expansion is estimated to be even faster than before. With expanding capacity and an increasing number of producers, competition in China’s sucralose market is becoming increasingly intense.

With relatively low price and improving product quality, China’s export volume of sucralose has been increasing rapidly in the past few years. China’s sucralose industry depends heavily on overseas demand. In 2013, the export volume accounted for about 76% of China’s total sucralose output.

The price of sucralose has been declining year by year, enabling more and more sucralose consumed instead of sucrose or other varieties of high intensity sweeteners (HIS) both at home and abroad.

Still, the price of sucralose is still relatively higher over some other sweeteners, limiting its application in China. Plus, promotion of the product done by producers is also limited. However, the consumption of sucralose in China has grown rapidly due to developing downstream industries and people’s rising recognition of healthy low-sugar foods and sugar-free foods.

Industrial affair

Sucralose has been allowed to be used in over 120 countries and regions in the world. It’s estimated that the current global demand for sucralose is valued at about USD730 million (RMB4.6 billion), posting an annual growth rate of about 20% in recent years.

China’s position

China has been the world’s largest sucralose producing country, with a contribution rate of nearly 60% of the global sucralose market.

Purpose of report

To help readers to deeply understand the production and consumption of sucralose in China.

Applicable user

– Sucralose as well as HIS purchasers including traders and end-users;
– Global sucralose producers;
– Investors who are interested in China’s sucralose industry;
– Consultants
– More…

What to report

The primary report explores current status and future trend of the sucralose industry in China and is comprised of two major sections:

– The historical and present market analysis—a full market comment providing a comprehensive understanding of the situation of the industry. The development information is presented by various indexes, such as production, consumption, export, price, key players, technology, etc.
– Future market analysis—expertise analysis providing the most credible projection of market trend in the coming five years.

Forecast on the industry

The output of sucralose in China is estimated to grow rapidly at a CAGR of about 12% during 2014-2018 thanks to increasingly larger market share seized by the domestic producers from foreign rivals and increasing demand for the product.

The domestic consumption of sucralose in China will increase rapidly at a CAGR of about 9% during 2014-2018.

– The price of sucralose will drop, helping promote the expansion of its application instead of other varieties of HIS.
– The food and beverage industry, the top two end-use segments, will keep a stable development in the next few years.

Value to client

This report will help readers deeply understand the situation of sucralose in China from the following aspects:

– Overall capacity and output, 2006-2013
– Producers (capacity, production and sales), 2009-2013
– Ongoing and potential projects
– Technology (pathway, cost, etc.)
– Details of import and export, 2012-2013
– Market size of sucralose in China, 2013
– Consumption breakdown by end-use segment, 2008-2013
– Forecast on future development of sucralose, 2014-2018
– SWOT analysis of the whole industry and three major producers


– Desk research
– Field survey (supermarkets)
– Telephone interviews

Differences with previous version

Supplements are as follows:

– Criteria of purchasing sucralose over other HIS
– Government attitude towards the overcapacity in the industry and trend of M&A
– Distribution channel of key producers
– New application frontier”



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