Production and Market of Picoxystrobin in China

Date: 2015-05

“Picoxystrobin hot topics
-In the middle of July, 2013, the local agricultural bureau of Zhanhua County, Shandong Province recommend using DuPontTMAcanto庐 to control and prevent diseases of jujube such as jujube rust, fleck and brown cortex.

-Shanghai Heben-Eastsun Medicaments Co., Ltd. applied for the patent about the production method of picoxystrobin on 11 Nov., 2013. And this patent is on the examination stage now.

-On 16 July, 2014, prove test of wheat using DuPontTMAcanto庐 took place in Xingtai, Cangzhou and Hengshui cities of Hebei Province. And the experiments show that using DuPontTMAcanto庐 in the wheat can not only prevent disease well, but also increase its output.

-On 19 Jan., 2015, Department of Agriculture of Hubei Province published a list of 90 varieties of pesticides and medical devices that will be promoted in this year.DuPontTMAcanto庐 is included.

As a new type fungicide, up to now, only DuPont has registered the production of picoxystrobin technical in China. Owing to the high production cost and immature production technology, very few Chinese enterprises produce picoxystrobin technical. With the patent protection expired in 2008, the capacity and output of picoxystrobin in China were increasing slightly, reaching 130 t/a and 52 tonnes in 2014.

This report will present the answers of above questions and show the truth to penetrate into China鈥檚 picoxystrobin industry. The key points of this report are listed as below:
-Production of picoxystrobin in China, 2012-2014;
-6 domestic producers, 2012-2014;
-Price of picoxystrobin in China, 2014;
-Export situation of picoxystrobin, 2014;
-Consumption of picoxystrobin in China, 2014;
-Supply and demand forecast on picoxystrobin in China till 2019;
-Brief introduction to the major producers in China, 2014.

It’s estimated that the picoxystrobin’s domestic market prospects will be bright in the future, with its decreasing price, high effectiveness and enlargement of application scope.


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