Production and Market of Pentaerythritol in China/industry publication

Date: 2015-05


The main end use segments of pentaerythritol in China are alkyd resin, polyurethane, rosin pentaerythritol ester and lubricant. China’s automobile industry and building industry developed quickly in the past few years, resulting in the increasing demand for coating & paint. China became the largest coating & paint producer in the world in 2009, demanding more and more pentaerythritol.

The fast development of China’s pentaerythritol industry soon eventuated in overcapacity. The competition among Chinese pentaerythritol producers is getting more intense and the profit of pentaerythritol for most producers is low. Some even stopped pentaerythritol production gradually because of low profit.

Technology problem, environmental protection pressure, RMB appreciation, demand, price, production cost as well as profit keep affecting the supply of pentaerythritol producers in China.

Industrial affairs:

The global capacity of pentaerythritol was over 600,000 t/a in 2013, with 380,000 t/a in Asia-Pacific, 140,000 t/a in Europe, and 80,000 t/a in the US. Moreover, Asia-Pacific is the largest consumer, followed by Europe and the US.

China’s position:

Driven by the rapid development of China’s economy in the past few years, the domestic pentaerythritol industry has witnessed a fast development. In the past ten years, pentaerythritol production had been transferring from the EU and North America to Asia, and China has been the top production base of pentaerythritol in the world, with its pentaerythritol capacity accounting for about 50% of the global total.

Purpose of report:
– By-order report.
– To grasp the latest information of pentaerythritol in China

Applicable users:
– Global pentaerythritol producers/distributors
– Global end-users of pentaerythritol (industries of alkyd resins, radiation cure monomers, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) stabilizers, polyurethanes, rosin esters, synthetic lubricants, pigment treatment, antioxidants)

Report topics:
– Production, import, export, and apparent consumption of key raw materials including methanol, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid
– Price 2004-2014
– Overall supply (capacity and output) 2003-H1 2014
– Output by product type (mono-, di-, tri-) 2010-H1 2014
– Capacity of monopentaerythritol by producer & grade 2011-H1 2014
– Raw material supply of top five manufacturers 2013-H1 2014
– SWOT analysis of four key manufacturers
– Import & export of pentaerythritol & dipentaerythritol 2013
– Consumption breakdown 2010-2013
– Forecast 2014-2018
– Company profiles

Forecast on industry:

Both the supply and the demand of pentaerythritol in China will keep stable and won’t change much. High-grade monopentaerythritol will take more and more market share, and the demand for dipentaerythritol may increase fast in the coming few years.

Value to clients:
– Discovering the current supply of each type of pentaerythritol in China;
– Understanding the consumption situation of China’s pentaerythritol in the key end use segment;
– Obtaining the forecast of China’s pentaerythritol from 2014 to 2018;

– Desk research
– Telephone interview

Differences with previous version:
– Unchanged contents
– Focus on the latest production and market information (2013, Q1 2014, H1 2014)”


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