Production and Market of Pentaerythritol in China

Date: 2015-08

“Is the supply of China’s pentaerythritol sufficient or in shortage? What are the key factors for the price trend? Who is the best choice in all exporters? How the consumption situation of China’s pentaerythritol will be? This report provides an overview of China’s pentaerythritol in 2014 and H1 2015 and the answers of the above questions will be shown in this report.

Output of China’s pentaerythritol saw a sharp YoY decline in 2014. Because of high raw material and environmental costs, many producers cut their production, or even suspended operations in 2014 and H1 2015. The increasing cost was also the major reason for the price uptrend of pentaerythritol since 2014. Besides, due to the supply shortage and production suspension of major producers, price of dipentaerythritol saw a sharp growth in H1 2015.

As the largest production base of pentaerythritol in the world, the price advantage of China’s pentaerythritol had been weakened in 2014. The export volume of pentaerythritol saw a sharp YoY decline in 2014, while its average export price saw a YoY growth. By contrast, the import volume witnessed a YoY increase in 2014, while its import price decreased. Besides, the Chinese government has increased the export rebate of pentaerythritol from 9% to 13%, and this has already taken effect since 2015. This will provide room for domestic producers to decrease their export prices and improve competitiveness.

Following data and relevant analysis about pentaerythritol are provided in this report, while the production, import and export of monopentaerythritol and dipentaerythritol are analyzed seperately:

Supply and price trend of major raw materials in China, 2011-2014;
Price trend of pentaerythritol in China, 2010-H1 2015;
Production of pentaerythritol by major producers in China, 2013-H1 2015;
Import and export analysis of pentaerythritol in China, 2014;
Consumption of pentaerythritol in China, 2005-2014;
Forecast of pentaerythritol production in China, 2015-2019.

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