Production and Market of Paraquat in China

Date: 2015-07

“China, as the largest paraquat production country in the world, the market of whom is enduring a transition period due to the Notice No. 1745 jointly issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in April 2012. According to the notice, production of paraquat AS will be forbidden, except for export after 1 July 2014. Besides, no paraquat AS can be sold or used since 1 July, 2016. Subsequently, the consumption of paraquat products will suffer a great drop in 2016 and 2017.

From the perspective of the effect of this notice, CCM finished a report named Production and Market of Paraquat in China, this is the 7th edition of this report. Through this report, we will introduce the actual influence of that notice, which has been regarded as the most noticeable factor in paraquat industry in 2014. Many changes are arosed by that, like the slight drop in both paraquat TK output and export volume, due to many manufacturers purchased paraquat TK to sustain supply after 1 July 2014. Besides, the decline of soaring price of paraquat products and the innovations of non-AS paraquat are also the noticeable changes in 2014.

Compared with the last report, the prediction of paraquat industry after 1 July, 2016, will be more clear and convincible, basing on the latest feedback and information. A series of data from raw material manufacturers to end users of paraquat, like manufacturers of paraquat, agricultural materials companies and pesticides distributors will be gathered and analyzed.

What to report:

– Supply of paraquat (capacity, output and key manufacturers) and demand by volume & value in China in 2010-Q1 2015
– Detailed study of paraquat’s upstream industry (pyridine’s supply, manufacturers, import, price, technology, etc.)
– Production technology and production cost of paraquat
– Price of paraquat during 2010-Q1 2015 and export of paraquat TK and formulations in 2010-Q1 2015
– Forecast on paraquat’s supply & demand in China in 2015-2019
– Key factors influencing development of paraquat in China

In the near future, the domestic demand for paraquat will suffer a drop due to the prohibition of paraquat AS. Only if the non-AS paraquat manufacturers could conquer the hardship on large-scale production and high price, will the paraquat’s demand enjoy a rebound. But during the transition period, there is huge potential for the substitutes of paraquat, like glufosinate-ammonium and diquat.

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