Production and Market of Paraformaldehyde in China

Date: 2015-05

“Paraformaldehyde (PF) hot topics in 2014
-Sanmu Group started production of PF in June 2014, with a capacity of 20,000 t/a. And its PF production equipment is adopting the spray-granulating techniques which achieved the world advanced level with independent intellectual property rights of China. It’s the first time to produce PF in cleaner way in China.
-As the largest PF consumption sector-glyphosate, it’s the second year for its environmental scrutiny in 2014. On 13 June, 2014, the first list of PF producers was published, including Zhenjiang Jiangnan, Nantong Jiangshan, Jiangsu Yangnong and Hubei Taisheng.

As the largest PF producer and consumer in the world, China has 29 PF producers with total capacity of 578,000 t/a as of March 2015. After a stable growth from 2008 to 2011, both the production and demand of PF in China increase rapidly in 2012, and they trend to keep growing greatly till 2014.

Though the domestic PF capacity has kept exceeding the demand in the past few years, some companies still expand their PF capacity or build new production lines. Will the PF capacity increase or reduce in the next few years? And what activities for the domestic companies involved in PF?

China is a net importer of PF, and quite a lot of PF is imported each year. However, with the technological improvement and production expansion, the import volume of PF kept decreasing from 2005 to 2009 and fluctuated irregularly from 2010 to 2012, while Chinese-made PF export sees a rapid increase. How about the detailed import and export of PF in 2014, and what is the trend in the coming few years?

Chinese PF industry is greatly influenced by the development of its downstream industries, especially the glyphosate industry. In the glyphosate industry, PF is only consumed in glycine route, which is facing increasingly intense competition from other two routes namely DEA route and IDAN route. Currently, Chinese glyphosate industry is also facing severe challenge from the aspect of environmental protection since the Chinese government has issued regulations in connection with glyphosate. What is the development trend of glyphosate especially glycine route in China, and what is the impact on the domestic PF industry? How about the production and market situation of the other downstream industries of PF?

This report will present the answers of above questions and show the truth to penetrate into China’s PF industry. The key points of this report are listed as below:
-Production of PF in China till Q1 2015;
-29 domestic producers till Q1 2015;
-Price of PF in China till Q1 2015;
-Import & export situation of PF till 2014;
-Consumption of PF in China till 2014;
-Supply and demand forecast on PF in China till 2019;
-Brief introduction to the active, idle and potential producers in China till Q1 2015.”


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