Production and Market of Ethanolamine in China

Date: 2015-05

“Ethanolamine hot topic in 2014:

Ethanolamine faced more challenges than opportunities in 2014. Many kinds of downstream were facing with exiting the market limited by environment protection problem. At the same time, downstream products also faced many other substitutes. While the price of raw material EO decreased rapidly in H2 2014, this motivated the enthusiasm of ethanolamine producers. Ethanolamine industry must experience integration in the coming few years and more efficient and professional production lines will be released, and then some outdated enterprises will be eliminated.


The market reaction of ethanolamine is more stable with a slow growth. Restricted by some downstream gradually exit the market, coupled with the slowdown in the domestic housing market and the amount of usage of cement is also not much. Support from ethanolamine downstream is not enough, resulting that it only can keep growing.

What to report:

This report analyses the market environment of ethanolamine through analyzing the situation of upstream and downstream, reproduction and consumption. And it also concisely points out the advantages and disadvantages of China鈥檚 ethanolamine market.


Analysis from the factors of promotion and obstacle, this report aims at the effect of upstream raw material and market demand to forecast the situation in the next five years.


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