Production and Market of Bromine and Bromides in China

Date: 2015-07

“The report of Production and Market of Bromine and Bromides in China offers you:
– Understand the underlying trends driving change in the bromine industry;
– Gain insight into the whole bromine industry chain from raw materials to consumption;
– Get more information of the major bromine producers;
– Use our long-term forecasts on bromine industry to adjust your strategy.

At present, the domestic market demand for bromine maintains a stable growth, while there are more limitations in the extraction of resource for its non-renewable and the limited technology. The two major problems affecting domestic bromine industry are environmental protection and imports. Then how the domestic output of bromine will be when the extraction of bromine is more and more difficult? How will the consumption structure change in the next few years?

To unfold the overall market of China鈥檚 bromine industry, CCM has done deep research on China鈥檚 bromine market from the following aspects:
– Supply of bromine (capacity, output and key producers) and demand by volume in China in 2010-2015E
– Production technology and production cost of bromine
– Price of bromine in 2012-Q1 2015
-Downstream industry of bromine and main bromides in China by field (flame retardant, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dyestuff, oilfield chemicals, others)
– Import & export analysis of bromine and bromides in China, 2012-Q1 2015
– Forecast on bromine’s supply & demand in China in 2015-2019
– Key factors influencing development of bromine in China


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