Production and Future Development of Niacin in China

Date: 2015-08

“This report provides an overview of China’s niacin market in 2014 and H1 2015, covering raw material supply, capacity expansion, niacin supply, price trend, and downstream consumption. dyanamics of suppliers, new production lines launched or under construction, integration of the industry chain, together with our analysis and forecast, are also include in this report.

Low profit margin led to a production cut in the supply of 3-picoline and 3-cyanopyridine, the main raw materials in niacin production. The upstream supply picture had also changed in 2014 following new entrants and the suspension of some existing suppliers.

Capacity of China’s niacin has been in rapid expansion since 2014, despite of slow growth in niacin output. This expansion will continue in the following years due to several new lines under construction or in schedule. This market will reshuffle in the coming years.

Besides, the entrance of upstream suppliers into niacin market, and the upstream expansion of niacin producers, shows that the pyridine-niacin industry chain has been also in integration, which will help China’s producers to improve their resistance to market risks.

Following data and our analysis are provided in this report:

Production and price trend of 3-picoline and 3-cyanopyridine in China, 2011-H1 2015;
Production and price trend of niacin in China, 2011-H1 2015;
Consumption of niacin in China, 2011-2014;
Forecast of niacin production and consumption in China, 2015-2019.


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