Policies Research of Crop Protection & Seed in China

Date: 2015-05

On one hand, enterprises’ ownership reform has taken the lead in the economic reform in China in recent years. At the same time, China’s agriculture industry is still facing many problems, such as grain security, land reform and environmental pollution, while the Chinese government has promulgated a series of policies or regulations to encounter this situation.

Industrial affairs:
An increasing number of state-owned enterprises and enterprises of other ownership will develop into enterprises with diversified ownership through not only mergers and reorganizations, but also crossshareholding of different forms of capital, such as state-owned capital, collective capital and non-public capital.

China’s position:
China is a policy-oriented country as well as a large agricultural country

Purpose of the report:
How those reforming policies influence China’s enterprises engaged in crop protection and seed? You can find the answer through this report which has unfolded related policies accompanied by further explanations for you. How are those policies or regulations working in China’s crop protection and seed enterprises? Can foreign investors of crop protection and seed benefit from that? In order to find the actual answer, CCM has done a lot of research on related policies and investigation on those enterprises engaged in crop protection and seed.

Application users:
– Investors interested in China’s agriculture industry
– Enterprises engaged in crop protection and seed
– Foreign institutions concerning China’s policies
– Traders of agricultural products

Topics of the report:
– Latest policies and regulations on enterprise ownership reform in China, 2011-2013
– Chinese agricultural enterprises’ global expansion activities, 2004-2014
– Policies for grain security in China, 2008-2013
– Policies for land reform in China, 2011-2013
– Subsidy in planting in China, 2009-2013
– Policies concerning agricultural technology in China, 2009-2013

Forecasts on industry:
– Bio-pesticides and bio-control products will be a trend;
– The R&D of new pesticide products will focus on safety, effectiveness environment-friendliness;
– More Chinese pesticide enterprises will expand their markets in developing countries and areas.

Value to clients:
Give policy explanation and insight for you to guide your investing behaviors and business decision-making.

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– Telephone interviews”


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