Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1603

Date: 2016-04

“In March 2016, China’s phosphorus chemical market continues to be depressed. Operating rates and market prices of most phosphorus chemicals linger at low levels. Influenced by such depressed market conditions, market price of sodium tripolyphosphate begin to rebound after reaching the bottom.

– Phosphorus ore

Market conditions remain quite stable. Some ore manufacturers in Sichuan and Yunnan Province began to resume production at the end of the month. However, considering that it is hard to improve the depressed phosphorus chemical industry in the short term, CCM believes that China’s phosphorus ore market will remain sluggish due to the lack of supports.

– Phosphoric acid

Market conditions continue to be depressed. Quotations from manufacturers from Yunnan and Jiangsu provinces drop by USD4.59-15.29/t (RMB30-100/t). Nevertheless, some manufacturers in Guizhou Province resume production at the end of the month.

– Yellow phosphorus

Market conditions for yellow phosphorus become more depressed slightly. Influenced by the stagnant phosphoric acid market, yellow phosphorus price fell by USD15.29/t (RMB100/t) and manufacturers that planned to resume production in March put off their production resumption plans to April.


Downstream compound fertilizer manufacturers have MAP in inventory they purchase products according to how much they really need. As a result, the trading market is stagnant. Currently, many manufacturers have no intention to resume production in the short term as the market price of MAP is too low.


Quotations for DAP are quite stable. As the traditional spring ploughing period comes in April, the trading market begins to get improvement gradually. Yet, many manufacturers still have no faith in the future market.

It is worth noting that Kunming Chuanjinnuo was listed on GME, becoming another newly listed phosphorus chemical company from Yunnan Province. Kunming Chuanjinnuo is focused on the graded utilization of wet-process phosphoric acid. Its main products include wet-process raw phosphoric acid, fertilizer grade calcium hydrophosphate, triple superphosphate, feed grade calcium hydrophosphate, feed grade calcium dihydrophosphate, etc.”


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