Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1512(12 issues per year)

Date: 2016-01

“Forecast: China鈥檚 exports of DAP to India to continue to decline in 201 5
Phosphorus & Titanium Chemical Industry Green Development Forum held in Sichuan
World fertilizer demand expected to be rebounding in 201 6/1 7
ICL and LLNP to jointly build phosphorus chemical company in Namibia
JPMC and Pupuk Kaltim to jointly build phosphoric acid plant in Indonesia
Chinese leading OPFR company Zhejiang Wansheng invests in game company
Kunming Runxin launches yellow phosphorus technology upgrading project
Yihua Group to increase investment in Songzi Fertilizer
Guizhou Chitianhua to sell shares in GTJA Investment Group
Shenzhen Batian gains exploration license of phosphorus ore resources in Guizhou
Southwest Energy & Mineral transfers 3 phosphorus ore prospecting rights and mining rights
New tariff policy to boost exports of phosphorus ore and phosphoric acid in China in 201 6
Sichuan Province overhauls phosphorus chemical industry
Electricity system reforms to ease cost pressure on yellow phosphorus companies
Chinese phosphoric acid manufacturers benefit from China-South Korea and China-Australia FATs
Hubei Province enhances integration of phosphorus mining enterprises
Tianjin University and Guizhou Xinxin produce oxalic acid by yellow phosphorus tail gas
Phosphate Group rewards internal science and technology achievements
Phosphorus ore price drops slightly in China in Nov. 201 5
Phosphoric acid price maintains downward trend in China in Nov. 201 5
International trade of phosphate chemicals in Oct. 201 5
Price monitoring of phosphate chemicals in Nov. 201 5
Utilization rate of chemical fertilizers on three staple food crops up in China in 201 5
MPC gains loan for new phosphate fertilizer project


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