Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1510 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-11

“In late-Oct. 2015, the 13th Five-year Plan became the focus of the 5th Plenary Session of the 18th National Congress. According to the 13th Five-year Plan, the domestic phosphorus chemical industry should also develop rapidly, and related enterprises should improve production technology innovation abilities, speed up the pace of industrial structure adjustment and stick to eco-friendly development.
In Oct. 2015, Hubei Province witnessed new progress achieved in the integration and upgrading of the phosphorus chemical
industry. Borrowing ideas from Hubei Province’s experience, CCM thinks that to better transform Chinese phosphorus chemical
industry, efforts should be made, like strengthening the comprehensive utilization of phosphorus ore resources, supporting largescale phosphorus enterprises, enhancing international cooperation and encouraging small and medium-sized phosphorus
enterprises to develop special, new-type and refined products.
In mid-Oct. 2015, during an executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council decided to accelerate the development of e-commerce in rural areas. CCM believes that if phosphate fertilizer companies quicken their “”Internet Plus”” layout,they may gain plenty of business opportunities by following the development of e-commerce in rural areas.
In late Oct. 2015, Anhui Liuguo released its 2015 Q3 report, showing that its net profit presented a stable upward trend in 2015. The company attributed this success to favorable factors including the launch of new products, the enhancement on cost control and the recovery of market demand.
In mid-Oct. 2015, Kingenta released its Q3 2015 report. Accordingly, in Q1 -Q3 2015, the company had YoY increases in both of its revenue and net profit, showing a good development momentum. CCM thinks that to maintain its good performance, Kingenta will enlarge its compound fertilizer business scale, further develop its e-commerce business and improve its sales pattern.
In Oct. 2015, Yuntianhua Group again cooperated with ICL to build a phosphate joint venture. This is conducive to the both
companies’ development. On one hand, Yuntianhua Group can provide high-quality raw materials to ICL at low prices, helping ICL to improve its competitiveness in the Chinese market and even in the Asian market; on the other hand, ICL would help Yuntianhua Group to develop its products with high added value, to introduce new technologies and management experience and to boost industrial transformation and upgrading.
In Oct. 2015, the Inorganic Phosphorus Chemical Pollutant Emission Standard was submitted to the MEP. It is said that
requirements are more stringent. The new standard is expected to be put into effect as early as in 2017.
In October 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China issued the Measures for the Administration of Commercial Reserves of Chemical Fertilizers during Off-Seasons (Revised in 2015)(exposure draft). The draft sets higher requirements for enterprises entrusted with the storage of chemical fertilizers and improves index evaluation, which better fits the current circumstances of China’s chemical fertilizers industry.
In Oct. 2015, Kailin Phosphogypsum’s constructional phosphogypsum technology upgrading project gained financial support from the Economic & Information Commission of Guizhou Province, reflecting that the local government holds a favorable attitude towards phosphorus chemical manufacturers’ taking a green development path.
In Oct. 2015, Chinese DAP price increased slightly by 0.8% month on month. However, according to CCM’s prediction, it might
shrink in Nov. 2015 due to weak demand from the export market and terminal market as well as insufficient support from prices of raw materials.”


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