Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1507(12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-08

“Regarding the domestic phosphorus ore market, market price was basically stable in H1 2015; the output of phosphorus ore increased by 14.82% year on year and the export volume dropped by 12.52% year on year.

As for enterprises, CXPC has invested heavily for its business expansion, which will improve its competitiveness and efficiency. To fund these investments, CXPC will implement a non-public share offering, which will raise USD1.05 billion through the private placement of 550 million shares at USD1.90 per share. The capital raised will also improve the financial position of the company and increase its ability to fulfill its financial obligations. Kingenta has carried out indepth communication and cooperation with ICAC3 from Israel to constantly facilitate the transformation and promotion of agricultural talents, capital, management, technologies and new modes from Israel in China, greatly accelerating the deep development of Sino-Israeli agricultural cooperation.

The USD/RMB exchange rate in this report is USD1.00=RMB6.1149 on 1 July, 2015, sourced from the People’s Bank of China. All the prices mentioned in this report will include the VAT, unless otherwise specified.”


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