Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness – Rethinking the Current Sales Model

Date: 2015-06

“The pharmaceutical industry is facing change on a monumental scale. Patents on key products are expiring, the flow of new products from pipelines is low, and the number of decision makers involved has increased. Add to this mix Health Care Reform and the way a company develops, markets, and sells their products is impacted on some level. The next 5 – 10 years will be an exciting time to be a part of this industry as it undergoes a transformation.

In this new environment sales representatives have less time with physicians, payers influence prescribing decisions, and generics are dispensed the vast majority of the time. On the commercial side of the business, companies are exploring alternatives to the ‘Reach and Frequency’ sales model that served them well for many years.

“Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness – Rethinking the Current Sales Model” is a consultancy-style report which identifies, assesses, and provides insights on the key challenges that industry is experiencing in growing market share through physician detailing. Through CBR Pharma Insights’ unique report writing approach and primary market research done with 200 US-based physicians, companies will be able to analyze these key issues quickly and utilize our content to support their strategic decision making.

Please Note: This product is delivered as a zip file


– Sales Force Size and Structure – number of reps, selling models and measurement of effectiveness
– Changes and Challenges Driving the Industry
– Future Outlook

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Gain insight into the challenges that your company is facing in the new health care environment and how your sales force must adapt to meet them
– Understand what Key Account Management (KAM) is, how it is different than traditional sales models, and whether or not your brand/company should be using it
– Learn about the various groups that influence the decision to prescribe your product
– Prepare your brand/company for the changes which will occur in the near & long term that will influence how you grow your business specific to promoting your product portfolio
– Access primary market research with primary care and specialty physicians(CV, Neuro, & Endocrine) to better understand and adjust the sales approach you should take to maximize your investment
– Obtain the physicians’ perspective on their relationship with pharmaceutical sales reps and the use of technology to support product detailing”


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