Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategies – Changing approaches to meet challenging times

Date: 2015-06

“The current economic environment has created a number of challenges within the pharmaceutical market, with governments looking to reduce spending on healthcare and drugs. Consequently, prices have come under scrutiny, with many older products having discounts forced upon them and new drugs being subject to increasingly complex assessments in order to obtain the desired price.

Novel pricing policies, such as value based pricing and external price referencing, are being employed by governments to regulate pharmaceutical prices and are expected to have a significant impact on prices and profitability in the future.

The report, “Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategies – Changing approaches to meet challenging times”, uses case study analysis to support companies with their strategic pricing strategies while providing insights to aid professionals who are both new & experienced on the subject. This report will help guide executives focused on the US and/or the ROW through the growing challenges in pricing out pharmaceuticals that have taken shape due to the increasing cost constraints being experienced in the healthcare systems across the globe.

Please Note: This product is delivered as a zip file


– Pricing in pharmaceutical companies – teams and activities
– Challenges faced by traditional strategies and pricing mechanisms
– Analysis of pricing mechanisms – value-based and external reference
– Novel strategies

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Understand the impact of the economic downturn on the pharmaceutical market, including cost-containment measures being implemented by governments, payers and policy makers
– Access an overview of the key changes to pricing and reimbursement that have occurred in the major pharmaceutical markets, along with some of the key smaller regional markets
– Understand value-based pricing, including where it is currently being used and the potential impact of the UK implementing this system
– provides in-depth analysis of novel pricing strategies that are currently being used, such as risk-share agreements, and whether these strategies provide value to payers and pharmaceutical companies
– Receive actionable recommendations about how best to implement novel pricing strategies, including recommendations for global launch timings and factors to consider when deciding the optimum indication sequence to maintain price”


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