Pharmaceutical Industry Business Outlook and Procurement Report H1 2016

Date: 2016-05

The key priorities forecast in the business structure for global pharmaceutical industry executives in H1 2016 (April-September 2016) are new product development and improving operational efficiency. China, India, and Brazil are the leading emerging markets that are expected to offer the most opportunities for global pharmaceutical industry growth in H1 2016. Market uncertainty and rising competition are the immediate business concerns for global pharmaceutical industry executives. The gradual slowdown and restructuring of economic activity in China and tightening of the monetary policy in the US are creating a major concern for the pharmaceutical industry. Packaging equipment is expected to offer significant growth opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry in Asia-Pacific. Avoidance of counterfeiting and provision of longer shelf life are identified as the key drivers for pharmaceutical packaging companies to witness significant business opportunities within the Asia-Pacific region.

Key Findings
–聽The top three key priorities for H1 2016 (April-September 2016) as identified by respondents include new product development, improving operational efficiency, and expansion in current market

–聽Developed markets such as the US, the UK, and Japan are identified as important regions for growth over the next six months by pharmaceutical respondents

–聽New product development and IT infrastructure development will record a significant increase or notable increase in capital expenditure over the next six months

–聽Overall, 52% of executives operating in Europe assigned high preference for outright purchase of pharmaceutical equipment

–聽In Asia-Pacific, executives forecast packaging equipment and process equipment will offer significant revenue growth opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry

Kable’s Pharmaceutical Industry Business Outlook and Procurement Report H1 2016 examines executives’ opinion on business outlook and procurement activities over April-September 2016. It also highlights key business priorities, supplier price variations, changes in capital expenditure, and the key equipment and drug categories with the highest revenue contribution to the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, it provides information categorized by region and company type.

What else does this report offer?

–聽Key business priorities: examines the pharmaceutical companies’ important priorities for H1 (April-September) 2016

–聽Emerging and developed markets: provides information about key emerging and developed markets, which will offer most growth over H1 2016

–聽Change in MandA activity: analyzes pharmaceutical industry executives’ opinion on changes in merger and acquisition activity globally

–聽Business concerns: identifies major business concerns that are likely to impact pharmaceutical companies

–聽Change in capital expenditure: tracks the expected change in capital expenditure both globally and regionally

–聽Purchase preferences: analyzing the purchasing behavior towards pharmaceutical equipment and investment allocations in the pharmaceutical equipment categories

–聽Budget allocation: examining total procurement budget split between capital expenditure and operating expenditure, and tracking the changes in the budget for 2016 and expectations for 2017

–聽Equipment and drug categories: highlights the key equipment and drug categories with the highest revenue contribution to the pharmaceutical industry from 2016-2020

–聽Highlights key business priorities thus helping pharmaceutical companies to realign business strategy

–聽Develop or adjust business expansion plans by using significant growth opportunities offered by key emerging and developed markets

–聽Make changes in procurement budget allocations through procurement budget projections anticipated by executives for April-September 2016

–聽Helps to alter investment allocation by understanding key focus areas highlighted by survey respondents during H1 2016

–聽Enables organizations to make key decisions on purchase preferences and investments in pharmaceutical equipment”


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