Pharmaceutical Cliff Diving – Assessing the key challenges that will re-shape the industry

Date: 2015-06

“In a challenging period for the pharmaceutical industry, first quarter results show an interesting picture. The generics industry, unsurprisingly, showed strong growth; lacking the impact of the patent cliff, the biotech industry also grew. For big pharma, sales were flat to negative for most, but a number of companies found that their work to streamline and restructure were showing positive results, with Q1 profits up.

The industry faces challenges from the government sector as well: increasing surveillance from the FDA, and the possibility of heightened penalties for pharma executives. Uncertainty over the direction of last year’s Health Care Reform legislation also continues. From the Supreme Court, the industry has primarily found challenges overcome, with the Court upholding pay-for-delay, while striking down laws restricting prescription drug data-mining and pricing lawsuits.

“Pharmaceutical Cliff Diving – Assessing the key challenges that will re-shape the industry” is a consultancy-style report which identifies, assesses, and provides insights on the key challenges that industry is experiencing now and in the near future. Through CBR Pharma Insights’ unique report writing approach, companies will be able to analyze these key issues quickly and utilize our content to support their strategic decisions within multiple business units.

Please Note: This product is delivered as a zip file


– 2011 financial results of top big pharma, biotech, and generics companies
– Political and regulatory scenario
– Review of the patent cliff, strategies and case studies
– Emerging market
– Future outlook

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Compare first quarter results for the pharmaceutical industry to see how companies are holding up to the patent cliff
– Investigate restructuring strategies in the face of the industry’s obstacles
– Assess the new challenges coming from FDA, and what they will mean for the pharmaceutical industry
– Examine the hurdles in key emerging markets, as well as their potential
– Analyze the direction pharma R&D will be taking in the future
– Understand recent Supreme Court decisions that will impact your business & the pharmaceutical industry as a whole
– To get the patients’ perspective on the costs associated with current pharmaceutical treatments”


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