Personal Loans Customer Analytics

Date: 2015-11

The market share of providers, the type of provider, the purpose of the loan, the distribution channel, the year of arrangement, and personal loan penetration are all covered to provide essential context to the personal loan market across 23 key countries, broken down by various demographic groups.

– This graphical and interactive interface allows the user to speed up their analysis of consumers’ behavior regarding personal loans.
– Gain a deeper insight into the country of your interest with detailed country-level data across age, income and asset bands, and provider.
– Assess the consumer preferences for personal loans across countries and demographics to identify key strategic areas for expansion.

– What is the market share of providers?
– For what purpose are consumers taking out personal loans?
– Which distribution channels are consumers using, i.e. direct, broker, or price comparison sites?

Key Highlights
Globally the most common purpose of a loan is to buy a car, followed by consolidating other debts and making home improvements.

Consumers generally take out a loan by going to the lender directly. The proportion of consumers taking out a loan through brokers and price comparison sites is relatively low.

In the UK, 22% of consumers have a personal loan. 8% have an unsecured loan, 8% have a secured loan, and 6% have both.”


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